TYB vs Little League

Governing Body:

Temecula Youth Baseball was incorporated in 1993 and is a member PONY Baseball, Inc. In the PONY Baseball program, each individual league acts as its own governing body

As a result, Temecula Youth Baseball is allowed to set its own rules, standards, and systems to meet the needs of its members. Local rules can be established, modified, and changed to provide the best league possible. PONY recognizes that each individual league has its own demographics, vision, and values. As such, Temecula Youth Baseball acts as its own governing body.

Little League Baseball has limited ability to set local rules. All leagues must play by the rules established by Little League Baseball in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Field Size:

Temecula Youth Baseball believes that the fields should grow with the player. Little League uses the same field dimensions through age 12 (46' pitching mound and 60' base paths) then jumps to a full size diamond (60'6" pitching mound and 90' bases). That is a 14'6" increase in pitching and 30' increase in base path in ONE YEAR.

Temecula Youth Baseball believes that the game of baseball cannot be played as it was intended if the physical capability of the players does not match the physical achievements required for the game. As a result, Temecula Youth Baseball scales the size of the diamonds to match the physical capabilities of the players within each division. The base and pitching dimensions for Temecula Youth Baseball are:

  • 50-foot bases for Filly (4 year-olds) and Shetland (5-6 year-olds)
  • 60-foot bases and 38-foot pitching for Pinto (7-8 year-olds)
  • 60-foot bases and 44-foot pitching for Mustang (9-10 year-olds)
  • 70-foot bases and 48-foot pitching for Bronco (11-12 year-olds)
  • 80-foot bases and 54-foot pitching for Pony (13-14 year-olds)
  • 90-foot bases and 60-1/2-foot pitching for Colt (15-19 year-olds)

These base dimensions are the result of extensive experimentation to determine the size on which players of each age group can properly play the game of baseball. Pitching distance is also scaled to the ability of the player in proportion to the size of the diamond

The scaled down diamonds allow the players to make the exact same plays made by the major leaguers. A booted ball by the short stop can still result in a force out at first base at the Bronco level, whereas in LL you have no play at all. Outfielders can play in a position proportionately equal to that played by a major leaguer. The double play, squeeze play, and various strategic plays, difficult for adults and nearly impossible for youngsters, become a probability rather than an impossibility.

League Boundaries:

Temecula Youth Baseball covers the entire city of Temecula and any outlying areas. Little League, in the city of Temecula, is split into two separate areas based on population. The two leagues, playing in Temecula, play on strict boundaries based on where you reside.

Two Year Age Bracket System:

Temecula Youth Baseball plays under a two-year age bracket system to keep peers playing with peers. With players of only two ages involved, as is the case with Temecula Youth Baseball, it is far easier to permit every player to play more positions since the difference in skills within the age group is not that great. Baseball is all about repetitions and being a bench player amongst older players is not beneficial to the development of becoming a baseball player.

In Little League majors, for example, you can have possible age variances of three years. A nine or ten year old player, competing in a LL majors program competing with 12 year old players, will in all likelihood be limited to one at bat and three defensive outs; a philosophy that TYB does not agree with.

Introduction of Real Baseball Rules:

Temecula Youth Baseball begins introducing real baseball rules at a much earlier age. TYB’s 9/10 year old Mustang division is where it all starts. These rules and processes are the exact same as played by our local High Schools and as seen in the Major Leagues.

TYB begins introducing pitching from the stretch, lead-offs, base stealing, pick off moves, and dropped third strikes at an earlier age. At age 11, kids who play in Temecula Youth Baseball are playing under Major League Rules and are permitted to begin wearing metal cleats.

In Little League you pitch from the windup and stand on a base until the baseball passes home plate. A philosophy that governs our 7 and 8 year old Pinto division. Little League does not pitch from the stretch, hold runners, pickoff base runners by the pitcher, and allow 6’ leadoffs until players are 13 years old. By then TYB players have been exposed to that methodology and process of baseball for four years.

Player Draft:

Temecula Youth Baseball is committed to developing teams of equal skills and ability by creating parity amongst all of the teams. This makes for a better program when teams balance competition with skill and value development. In an effort to achieve this goal, Temecula Youth Baseball redrafts teams each year. This allows TYB to focus on building equal teams each season and prevent teams from trying to develop a dynasty.

Little League Majors freezes players on teams allowing a team to buildup talent over a 2-3 year period. In all likelihood it is not uncommon for one major’s team (and not the same team) to dominate every season because of the uneven parity that their system encourages. The team that was losing two years prior, because they drafted young, has now risen to the top playing against teams that cannot compete against their talent level. Place a TYB Mustang division team on the same field as a Bronco team and you would get the same result.

Equipment and Playing Time:

Temecula Youth Baseball believes that players pay to play. As a result, no player is allowed to sit out two defensive innings in a row and every team bats the entire roster. Additionally, TYB is adding a new local rule that requires every player on the roster for Pinto and Mustang Division must play an infield position. We encourage our managers to move players around and try developing them as an infielder and an outfielder. Another rule that we are considering introducing as a pilot program is that no player can sit out a second inning until all layers have sat out at least one inning. TYB will keep you posted on that possible rule change.

Temecula Youth Baseball allows players to use Big-Barrel bats at all levels.

Local Little League playing time rules and equipment standards are set by the National Organization in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Little League Majors requires players to play a minimum of 2 innings per game, bat one time, and does not allow bats larger than 2-¼ inch.

Pitch Count:

Both leagues do support the safety and well being of our players as it relates to pitching. Little League imposes a methodology of counting pitches and limiting the total number of pitches that a pitcher can throw. TYB limits the amount of pitching a player can pitch based upon innings pitched. Pinto division limits each pitcher to a maximum of two innings per game, Mustang limits the pitching to three innings, Bronco/Pony are limited to four innings, and Colt is seven innings.

International Play and All Stars:

Both leagues do support baseball around the world and have an All-Star program that leads to their own World Series. Temecula Youth Baseball makes it a prerogative to create all-star teams for every division except Filly. Each divisional age group has there own set of all-star players that deserve the chance to represent TYB in post-season play.