Middle School Division

How many practices will there be?

TYB assigns all teams ideally two practice slots a week prior to the start of the season for the manager to use. Once the games start we strive to assign one practice spot a week per team. Due to field availability and the amount of teams practice slots are not always guaranteed. Once games commence most teams will play twice a week. Managers of the teams have the autonomy to set a practice schedule.

Where do we practice and play our games?

The city of Temecula regulates play on all city fields. We will not know exactly what fields we are allocated and for what dates until we meet with City officials in August. Traditionally, we will play games at North/South fields at RRSP, Harveston Sports Park, and various school sites throughout Temecula. TYB strives to utilize the best that the city has to offer for every game within every division and will use school facilities as a last alternative. TYB, when assigning games, establishes games ahead of practices when determing whom plays where.

Will TYB provide uniforms and equipment?

TYB will provide a full uniform including a shirt, cap, belt, and socks for every player. This is included in your registration fee. At this level, metal cleats are permitted. Managers are provided a complete bag of equipment, which includes helmets, complete set of catcher’s gear and glove.

How long is the season?

Games will begin in September and run through mid-November. This is a competitive league and we will maintain score and standings. All TYB rules including minimum play time will be strictly enforced.

Can my child play in both regular winter ball and the middle school program?

No a child cannot play in both. This program is part of winter ball but ran separately.

What if my child does not make the middle school team, can they still play in winter ball?

Yes everyone is eligible to play in TYB’s winter ball program.

Are middle school teams still required to collect a sponsor fee?

Yes, it is the responsibility of the manager to collect the TYB sponsor fee for each team. The sponsor fee for the Fall Season is $200.00.

Will the middle school teams be responsible for the snack bar?

Yes, the snack bar will be open during all middle school games.

What about the private middle schools?

At this time we are coming up with a plan to accommodate the private middle schools players. If a private middle school would like to put a team together they are welcome to do so and sign up as a team. This would include Linfield, Van Avery, St. Jeanne and any others.

How are the managers selected?

TYB will follow the same procedure that it uses for manager selection with TYB board approval for all managers and coaches.

What do I need to do to be considered as a Middle School Manager or Coach?

All potential Managers and Coach’s must complete a Manager/Coach application and download it from the TYB website at www.tybb.org Potential managers will be contacted by our Middle School Program coordinator for follow up information. The TYB board will approve all Middle School Managers.

How will player assessments be conducted?

Player assessments will be conducted over a 3-day period. Managers will be required to present their designated team roster with 3 alternates by Wednesday night. Team rosters will be posted on the TYB website the following day.

Will there be an end of season tournament?

Yes, TYB will provide an end of season tournament for all Middle School teams. Players will be required to pay the registration fee plus a $50 end of season tournament fee to cover these costs. The tournament format will be discussed at the Middle School Manager’s meeting.

What is the Manager’s fundraising requirement as far as sponsor(s)?

Each TYB team is required to obtain a team sponsor. It is part of the core PONY mission to involve the community and businesses in helping develop our youth. Managers are provided with all of the sponsor sign up information. The sponsor fee is used to help continue to keep costs for the league down while improving the overall TYB experience. It also allows TYB to provide trained umpires, field lights, player’s clinics, manager’s clinics, opening and closing day ceremonies, and also significant long-term improvements to benefit the players who participate in TYB. All Middle School Manager must present a $200 deposit fee by August 27, 2008. Once a team sponsor is located, the deposit fee will be returned to the designated Managers. If a Manager does not locate a team sponsor, TYB will maintain the deposit

TYB is considering a skills competition night for all Middle School Teams. Cost and team requirements are still being determined.

Will there be a Middle School Manager’s Meeting?

Yes, TYB will require all Middle School Managers to be present to help organize and prepare for assessments 45 minutes prior to the designated assessment time. There will be a pre-meeting to discuss the assessment and selection process.

TYB will also hold a Middle School Manager’s Meeting (Location and Time to be determined) to discuss TYB requirements, playing rules and standards, issue equipment and game balls. This meeting will be mandatory for all Managers.