Spring Season

How many practices will there be

TYB assigns all teams ideally two practice slots a week prior to the start of the season for the manager to use. Once the games start we strive to assign one practice spot a week per team. Due to field availability and the amount of teams practice slots are not always guaranteed. Once games commence most teams will play twice a week with at least one practice during the week.

Where do we practice and play our games?

The city of Temecula does not open up the main Sports Park, Ronald Reagan Sports Park (RRSP), until the end of February and therefore it is not available to any baseball organization. February practices will be located at the North/South fields at RRSP, Harveston Sports Park, and various school sites throughout Temecula. Games will be played at RRSP, Harveston Sports Park, Temeku Sports Park, Birdsall Sports Park, and possibly various school sites. TYB strives to utilize the best that the city has to offer for every game within every division and will use school facilities as a last alternative. TYB, when assigning games, establishes games ahead of practices when determing what teams plays where.

Will TYB accommodate carpool and manager requests?

TYB governs a league of over 1800 players and therefore, it is impossible to guarantee carpool and manager requests. We will advise all managers of special requests during the draft but cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your requests. Any special requests must be noted on the registration form.

Will siblings be placed on the same team?

Yes. If siblings are in the same division, they will be placed on the same team unless otherwise specified.

What equipment does my child need to play?

Each player will need a baseball glove, a protective cup, and cleats at a minimum. Optional equipment you may want to consider would include a bat, batting helmet, sliding shorts and a gear bag. At the Shetland, Pinto, and Mustang level we allow rubber cleats only. At the Bronco, Pony, and Colt level metal cleats are permitted. Managers are provided a complete bag of gear, which includes helmets, complete set of catcher’s gear and glove. Filly and Shetland divisions include in addition a baseball tee and drop down bases.

How long is the season?

Regular season games begin usually the first week of March and will continue through Memorial Day. Filly and Shetland Divisions starts their season usually the third week of March. With the change in the new school year we may be playing during spring break and our season may be finished with the regular season around Memorial Day weekend.

End of season tournament commences the week before Memorial weekend and consists of a 2-3 games pool play tournament followed up with a single elimination tournament. Championship weekend and closing day ceremonies usually conclude the weekend before school is out around the first week of June. The new school year will be factored into how long our season ends and when we begin our end of season tournament. TYB will assess the situation and make a determination sometime early next year.

How are all-stars selected?

TYB is in the process of reevaluating our all-star process. We will provide further information on our all-star process in January.

If your child is selected to play all stars, you can anticipate daily practices to begin in early-June and the tournament will begin around the July 4th holiday. The all-star tournament is double elimination tournament and could conceivably go into August if the team advances. If you have a planned vacation or other commitments during this time period and you cannot commit 100% to all-stars, we ask that you forgo your all-star eligibility and let someone else who can commit full time the opportunity to perform in all-stars.

What is the sponsor fee and what does it go towards?

Each TYB team is required to obtain a team sponsor. It is part of the core PONY mission to involve the community and businesses in helping develop our youth. Managers are provided with all of the sponsor sign up information. The sponsor fee is used to help continue to keep costs for the league down while improving the overall TYB experience. It also allows TYB to provide trained umpires, field lights, player’s clinics, manager’s clinics, opening and closing day ceremonies, and also significant long-term improvements to benefit the players who participate in TYB.

What is included with my registration fee?

The question should actually be what isn’t included. Each Player will receive…

  • Complete MLB style uniform including Shirt, Hat, Pants, Belt and Socks.
  • Picture Package that includes a Team photo, Individual photo and Button
  • Player skills clinics. (Filly and Shetland clinics held separately)
  • 14-18 game regular season schedule with an end of season tournament and awards.
  • Opening Day Carnival for all players and their families.
  • Closing Day Ceremonies & Carnival (100% free of charge)

What are assessments and how does it work?

Assessments are a process we use to assess your players skill level. Upon being checked in your player will then be sent over to warm up at several different drill stations where we will then rotate pre-designated groups of players in for assessment. Your player will then be assessed on fly balls, ground balls, throwing and hitting. Expect the entire process to take approximately 1 ½ hours. Once complete your player is free to go home. Your player should show up ready to play baseball so please have him bring all his equipment. If your player has not played before then have them show up in sweats or shorts and a comfortable shirt, as we will have additional equipment present at the assessments for them to use.

Why do you even have assessments?

Assessments are held to allow the manager’s and coach’s of the respective teams the opportunity to assess your player’s abilities. The assessment results are then used to help the manager’s and coaches draft their teams in the draft process. We find this processes helps create parity in the league. This process will ideally insure a successful season for all the teams in their respective division.

How can I volunteer or contribute to the league?

TYB is a 100% volunteer based Non-Profit Organization so we welcome any and all monetary or time donations that you can provide. If you are interested in making a donation or sponsoring a team simply get in touch with our Sponsorships Director at sponsor@tybb.org If it is time you have to spare then please get in touch with anyone of our board members to find out how you can help.

How soon will I be contacted after the draft?

Once the draft is completed you can expect to hear from your manager that following week. If you are not contacted within that time frame please email your respective division commissioner.

What size is your league?

We anticipate that we will have over 1800 players this spring, which equates to well over 140 teams. Most divisions will have between 14-20 teams in them.