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Temecula Youth Baseball is a volunteer organization. This is a newly designed section to allow TYB to recruit volunteers for needed events such as:

  • Players Assessments
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Closing Ceremonies
  • Sluggers for a Cure Campaign
  • Various Events that TYB hosts throughout the year

Why Volunteer?

As a youth baseball league it is staggering to think of the work of registering, equipping, training, and scheduling over 2000 kids and 100 umpires for over 1600 games.

Additionally, it requires exceptional effort to run a snack bar six days a week, or round up over 150 team sponsors!

None of this happens without a lot of help from the parents and volunteers. We must have your support in our snack bar and fund raising activities, and your time working with your child's team. It could be coaching, or doing field set up, or organizing the fund raiser for your team, or finding a team sponsor.

Participating in the program is fun for you, your child, and their teammates - and you will meet some great people in the process.

Additionally, without high school volunteers the many activities that TYB offers would not be possible. This section is dedicated to attracting volunteers for our many events and providing announcement, updates, and information to those volunteers who make running TYB possible!! Thank you for all of your support!!