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I have read the above terms, disclosure statement, consent and release of liability, waiver and fully understand the terms of each. I understand that once selected to manage/coach a team, I will be sent a link by the division commissioner so I can run my background check.

Coaching & Managing Information

What is the difference between Managing and Coaching?

Managing means that you are in charge of the team. You are the head of the coaching staff and ultimately responsible for practices, games, and decisions made regarding positioning, playing time, etc.

Managing a youth baseball team can be fun and rewarding for those that choose to get involved at this level. TYB will provide training and resources to assist those that choose to take on the responsibility of managing a youth baseball team in our program.

Coaching in baseball means being the assistant. Helping the Manager out on the field, coaching the bases, or assisting at practices. However, the manager of the team has the ultimate responsibility for the team.

Who Can Coach?

Temecula Youth Baseball requires all managers to apply through this link by completing the information to the side. We use a matrix to determine the best persons to manage teams and then who is assigned teams is based on the number of teams available.

Every Manager in our program must complete the information to the side. Temecula Youth Baseball in return will conduct a background check on every manager that participates in our program. The TYB Board of Directors will review every background check to determine suitability to mentor and coach the youth who participate in our program.

Other Questions?

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Director of Commissioners