Program Information

Temecula Youth Baseball is part of PONY Baseball that stands for Protect Our Nation's Youth. We institute "real baseball" starting at age 9-10. Except for our youngest divisions, we play by "Major League Rules" and with that, offer a much more exciting brand of baseball for both our players and parents to enjoy.

Our League Division chart does a great job of explaining the differences between each division and how we institute the progression of baseball and its rules to our players.

A description of our various divisions is listed below:

Filly Division

An early introduction to baseball aimed at promoting good physical health while developing an interest in baseball. Games last about 1 hour and everyone bats and plays in the field each inning. No outs are recorded, no score is kept, and parents may accompany children onto the field. The very basics of fielding, hitting, and throwing are taught.

Shetland Division

This is where it all begins as your children are introduced to the game of baseball. Shetland is a non-competitive division that emphasizes teaching the basic rules and fundamental skills of baseball. We believe in developing an environment of friendly competition with little emphasis on winning. Everyone plays in the field and everyone bats.

Coach pitching is introduced, but players still hit from the tee if hitting off the coach pitch is unsuccessful.

Teams are assigned based on residential areas whenever possible. Requests to play with friends must be made at sign-ups. League organizers will do their utmost to accommodate requests made on your registration form.

Machine Pitch Pinto Division

This is an exciting advancement as real baseball is played. Players continue to learn and refine the basic fundamentals of baseball while developing a broader knowledge of the game. Batters hit off a pitching machine to ensure an easy to hit ball each at bat.

Players at this level are expected to hustle, play their best and have FUN in a safe and learning environment.

Teamwork, respect for the volunteer coaching staff and good sportsmanship is expected from the players and parents to insure a positive learning environment to help the players develop their baseball and life skills to the best of their ability.

Kid Pitch Pinto Division

Kid Pitch for more experienced players who are ready to learn to pitch and to hit pitched balls. All 7 year olds wishing to play Kid Pitch must tryout. Tryouts are mandatory for all 8 year olds and 8-year olds will automatically be placed in the kid pitch division unless they request to play in Machine Pitch.

Mustang Division

At this age we introduce leading off and stealing. Games are played on a 60-foot diamond with 44-foot pitching.

Pitchers begin learning to hold runners and real baseball is gradually introduced throughout the season.

Bronco Division

At this stage we again increase the size of the diamond - Broncos move up to 70-foot diamonds with 48-foot pitching.

This helps the players gradually increase their skills and strength as they prepare for Colt and high-schools 90-foot diamonds and 60-foot pitching. At this point, players are playing real baseball.

Pony Division

Pony increases the field size again to 80-foot diamonds with 54-foot pitching. This continues to help players gradually increase their skills and strength as they prepare for Colt and high-schools 90-foot diamonds and 60-foot pitching.

Colt Division

Colt Division is for older players. We play on full size baseball 90-foot diamonds with pitching set at 60'6" the same as is played in Major League baseball.