Playing Up During the 2019 Spring Season

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


 Playing Up During the 2020 Spring Season




Allowing children to “play up” a division higher than their natural league age has been widely discussed both  among the TYB board, as well as throughout PONY baseball.  There are legitimate concerns about player safety, physical ability, emotional readiness, and dilution of play impacting the entire league.

On the other hand, with the proliferation of year-round baseball there are certain players who are ready to play up a level, and some leagues want to encourage those players to continue to play recreational baseball and not default to year-round travel teams.

Most PONY leagues do not allow children to play up during the Spring Season. However, the TYB board will be adopting specific situations in which a child is allowed to play up. We will be working on the details over the next couple of months to ensure that we have a process in place.


Impact on All-Stars

Per national PONY rules, any player that has played up a division during the regular season will not be allowed to play down during all-stars. For example, a league age 8 player who plays up to Mustang during the regular season will not be allowed to play down to Pinto for all-stars. This includes if that player is not selected to a Mustang all-star team.

It is important to note that being selected to play up at the beginning of the season in no way ensures the player will be selected to that all-star team at the end of the season. Therefore, even if allowed to play up, parents and players should carefully weigh all-star implications into the decision process.



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